Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice day. Everywhere else you hear of snow days. Here in Central Texas it is an ICE DAY. Hubby went out to start his truck for work this morning and it was covered in a sheet of ice as was our truck. He called his boss after I said the schools were shut down today to see what it was like down in Temple. He was told to stay home but have his radio with him at all times. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! Both Hubby and I off on the same day and getting some quiet time before the kiddos wake up.

The kids knew class would not start til 1 am at the earliest so they were able to stay up later last night and hang with their dad. They loved. Big Man woke up I said no school kiddo and he turned around and went back to bed. Have not heard from the others as of yet. I went out and took some pictures this AM of our sidewalk and Hubby's truck. I will post those later. If it was not so dangerous it would be most beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great day. WE are playing cards and games with the kiddos between movies.

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