Saturday, April 28, 2007

I do not like being around other couples right now. Yet everywhere I turn there is a couple holding hands, smiling at each other and just being down right mushy. I miss that more than anything else. Hubby and I usually hold hands someway with one of the Kiddos hands in our hands when we are going through the store or try to touch each other allot. It is a very soothing feeling for me. It has been hard to go into a store and not having that soothing hand or touch or just a quick smile from my love or see his smile when I turn around.

Hubby always put up with me smelling hm because he knows how much it means to me. Well this week has been a sucky one for smell. I am all stuffed up and can't smell anything. The only thing I can take will la me out and I can not afford to have the Kiddos running loose around here.

Hubby took off for the sandbox last night. I have heard from them once because they had to stop off and pick up some more Soldiers. It was the best 3 am call I have ever had. Now I do not know when I will hear from him again. That is always hard. Not knowing and trying to be normal as possible for the Kiddos. The are doing better than me or they are just faking it. I do know Buddy Lee is having a hard time dealing with his anger. He is 6 and we are working on it.Hopefully as we settle into our routine and know Dad has made it safe to his base this will be better.

I am off for now to deal with housecleaning and PTA things.

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