Monday, April 09, 2007

We have made it to my Dad's house in Nacodoghes, Texas. If I misspelled it please forgive me. I suck at spelling. If I did not have a spell check I would not be doing this.

My Dad' house is beautiful. The kids have a place to run and play and I can have some peace and quiet. I believe this is the 3 rd day that has been relaxed. Hubby got the Baby to fall asleep and he is still sleeping. This is his 3 rd nap this week. He really needs to get back to his routine and our own home. But though we may head home tonight, tomorrow is a trip to Ft Hood. Hubby got orders so I need to get my ID card. It is my life and we do not have anywhere closer than Ft Hod to get one. I am not looking forward to that drive or the day. I hope we get there early enough that we do not have to wait long.

I miss my close friend and mom alot right now. As the day draws near I am having a harder time. With them around I was able to handle things. I do not know if I will be able to hold it together the day Hubby leaves. I have lots of projects to do and kiddos to take of but when the night rolls around I am at a loss. Not to much but reading and thinking can be done at that time.

I am off to do some research on coffee makers. I want a new one. The other one is about 6 years old and the seal is already starting to leak. Even though Hubby has cleaned it many times and kept it clean. But the way I have been going the coffee drinking will keep on while Hubby is deployed. I usually don't drink coffee while it is summer or warm. But it just is starting to feel right to have a cup in my hand most of the day. :)

More later after we get home and settled. I will need a vacation form this vacation.

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Jan Wesner said...

Reasa, Hadn't heard from you in awhile so just wanted to make sure you were OK. Enjoy your family time!