Sunday, May 06, 2007

I have accomplished 3 or 4 days of smiles and laughs without any tears. The Kiddos have been super. They all miss their Daddy but when they talk to him they are so happy. They can carry that with them for days if need be.

Hubby is settling in and enjoying the unit he is with now. He said they welcomed him in with open arms and have been great to him. That alone makes my day. The last time Hubby was a filler he was treated like a red headed step child. He is not a pencil pusher and able to get his hands into the job so he is happy too.

Big Man has joined the media team at church today. The man who is head of that team said he has been watching Big Man for awhile and was very impressed with how he is doing. So he asked Big Man and Big Man said yes.The col thing is that being on the media team means Big Man will know how to run and produce a WHOLE ENTIRE show in a couple of years. He will not only be doing a Ministry he will be learning a job skill. I am so excited for him.

Sweetness had the flu last week. We had to cancel her slumber party and restrict all our activities this weekend. She is doing way better now. Sweetness is also smiling allot more. Being able to talk to Daddy has improved her mood. Plus she does not have anyone telling her what to feel or not to feel. I let her feel and she talks when she wants to or she doesn't. I am impressed with how well she can handle this.

Buddy Lee is still acting out. Not as bad but it still comes out. He was able to spend the night with someone without another sibling in attendance. He was happy about that one. He came home yesterday with smiles on his face and a very good attitude towards the rest of us. He is just full of energy that he wants to let out and the way the weather has been it is not possible.

Bully and Baby are getting along just fine. Both wake up every morning and ask for Daddy. All I can say is "Daddy is at work." That is all and they move on. I am just glad that they still ask for Daddy and want to see pictures of him.I spend a good portion of my day making sure they see pictures of Daddy and hear his voice somewhere.

I am still sleeping with Hubby's t shirt and on his side of the bed. I still jump when someone knocks on the door when I do not expect someone or a dark car is sitting out in front of my house when I come home. I don't think about it all day anymore but it is always there. In the next couple of weeks I will be taking a whole day for me. Nails maybe hair and shopping. I might even take a lunch for me alone. Make it a me date. LOL Who knows. I have to wait and see how I am doing by then. I do better having my Kiddos around than not having them around. I am really wondering how I am going to do it with the three big Kiddos gone for most of the summer. We will see in a few months.

I have been trying to put some cute pictures up of my Kiddos but Blogger is giving me a headache about it. I am going to try again later. Now I am off to get some sleep if I can sleep this early.

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