Thursday, May 31, 2007

What a bittersweet thing the internet is. I just finished IMing with Hubby and tonight it was hard to say cya. (We never say bye) At times I wish we did not have the constant contact as we do now. I can go a few days without hearing or seeing him and then when I do it is a wonderful thing.....but it makes me crave hearing his voice and holding his hand at the same time. I miss that more than anything else right now. All the rest is icing on the cake. I am a simple girl who needs simple things. When I can't have what I need though I begin to shut down. Having my Hubby's touch is all I need. I know this is a short deployment but the time we had from finding out til Hubby leaving was way to short for me process the whys and what will I do and such.

Ok I think I need to go to bed since it is 2:15AM here. I am probably not making much sense. Have a goo rest of the night.


Butterfly Wife said...

It is difficult. Communication fluctuation has gotten much better over the course of the deployment for us. But that's probably because I have just gotten used to it. We usually IM a couple times a day. But there are times when it will be a day or 2 before he can get to a computer to email me. I wish I could make it easier for you.

nationalguardwife said...

Just knowing someone else has felt oris feeling the same way makes it a little easier to deal with. I know I will get used to it but darn it it still sucks. Thanks for being a friend Butterfly Wife.

RedLegMeg said...

Communication is wonderful, I agree. However, when it suddenly slows down it seems to magnify just how much I miss him. I was able to IM with JD this afternoon for the first time in about three weeks due to a change in his schedule. For the first five months we were able to "talk" two or three times a week. I know how lucky we are, but it's so easy to get spoiled, isn't it?

On a high note, though, we only have about 45 days until R&R!! :)

nationalguardwife said...

RedLegMeg I agree. Huby has me spoiled with the IMs. He is a mechanic so does not have to go outside the wire to often and has a pretty set schedule. He will IM to chat with the kiddos and the next time he will IM to chat with me. I feel guilty telling some people but I also do not like to share it either because it is so personal for me.
Enjoy your R&R. I know some of those days will fly by and some will creep by. :)