Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ok this evening went way better than the afternoon spent on hold. I was able to get Buddy Lee's glasses today and make it to Bible Study. It was a great mood enhancer for me. Tonight at Women's Group we talked and laughed as only women can do. It was really relaxing. Tonight The Boys and I had dinner with no fusses and zero messes.I am ready for bed. I am ready to sleep.

Tomorrow is the placement exam. I am only worried about the math portion. The other two I will do fine in. After the test I will be able to get results and sign up for my classes. I have a few outlined already but want to see how I do tomorrow. SO far I have 2 classes in person and 3 online.


Butterfly Wife said...

Good luck with the test today.

nationalguardwife said...
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nationalguardwife said...

Thanks. I am just hoping not to get any remidial classes.