Sunday, August 05, 2007

That's my Man.

A new week is coming. It means we are getting closer to the Hubby coming home. I am so excited. I know when for sure now and I am giddy with glee. :) I am not taking the Kiddos with me when Hubby first comes in because we will not be able to stay and he can't come home with us that night. I will be able to have dinner with him and spend some quiet time with him before the Kiddos attack him.

Today after church I was told I was glowing. That I looked pretty and content. She then asked me if I was getting ready for Hubby to come home and I said no I have been ready. I am just ready to have him home and we will be ready to continue on with our life. Our lives have been on hold since he left and there is so much for us to do that it is time to move on. God has alot for us to do and I am ready to move to it.

The Big Kiddos are having a good time in Nevada with my Mom and our friend. The in laws want the Kiddos for a few days this week. Of course they can't call my Mom they have to call me and have me as a go between. Goodness people, GROW UP!!! Ok that history is for another time.

I am off to get the Boys into bed and do some more house work. Maybe I can sleep tonight. I am just to excited.

UPDATE:I should have know better. Hubby just emailed and said that he has to stay somewhere a few more days. It is not long but long enough to put us back in the double digits count. He is safe and in a more relaxed place but not here or coming here soon. Oh well.

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