Monday, October 29, 2007

I am looking up. It has been a rough couple of weeks. Hubby is having a hard time at work and I am feeling the effects of it. He is not takin it out on me just the stress is floating through my body as wella s his. It seems everytime Hubby comes home from a deployment he starts from square one with the job. Granted last year he did not have a job but found one quickly. Just not a well paying job. And to boot it is the type of job that is hard to get time off since it is a customer service driven job. Hubby rocks at his job and when he told his customers thathe was deploying they were all sad to se him go. They did not want another tech just my Hubby. Did I mention he rocks? Anyway, since Hubby has been back to work he has not had a very good route and he has been working twice as hard as before. Now it seems some pay issues have arisen and a couple of comments were made that should have never been said. I am hot over it and am glad I was not the one said comments were said to.

This has got me to thinking if other National Guard or Reserve families go through this when they come home. This is so very stupid to deal with. Now I know why the National Guard and Reserve numbers are down. Alot of their Soldiers are going active because of pay and quality of living. We do worse for a few months after Hubby comes home money wise and once we get to be where we are pulling our heads above water he is called up again. We decided to go Active because of the inconstiency of the Guard life right now. FOr us it is not doable anymore. Hubby loves the National Guard and feels he was doing a great thing there. Just the civialian world has other thoughts about that.

I am off to my old job and figure something out that was posted wrong and get that right before we leave the area and tax season comes. One more headache to deal with.

On the brighter side before I run off for the day is that my Reading class that I was having issues with is coming along smoothly now. I am getting it and getting a mid B. Not what I aimed for but better than what I thought was going to happen after the first area we covered. :)

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Claire said...

Sorry it's been a tough time lately. I know what you mean about the way you feel his stress. I guess that's the whole effect of "being one flesh." You really do share the joys and burdens. I hope things start to go more smoothly. Hang in there!