Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our life is going to change in a big way soon. How soon? Who knows. We are in the wait and see phase. Hubby has decided to go Active Duty this year. I know he has been thinking about it for a few weks and decided this week to do it. I am in total agreement with him and the reasons he made the desicion.

To be totally honest though I am a little mad at the timing of this. I know I can conitue my education anywhere we go but I wanted to stay here so I could go to Baylor Law. I have not told Hubby I am upset about it yet. I am not sure I will. I just came to that understanding last night. I was supposed to be writing a paper and it hit me. I will not be able to go to Baylor Law unless Hubby becomes a Recuiter here in the next 4 years. Oh well. I will find another Law School to go to and adapt to the new life plan. This does not mean I am not upset though about having to change my plans.

We have only told a few people and Hubby's family does not know yet. It is not a chat either of us are ready to have. My side of the family has had mixed reactions. The Kiddos are god with it. Buddy Lee is excited to be around that life all the time. He just smiles his big ole grin and his eys light up like it is Christmas morning. Sweetness is just happy. I know they don't understand this means a deployment again in the near future. Big Man has been silent about this for the most part. Considering it has only been 48 hours since the descion has been made I can understand that.

I am off to do the never ending laundry and try to read for a mid term next week. We will see how that works out.


LoveMyTanker said...

Wishing you and your entire family well on your journey into active duty.

Reasa said...

Thanks. It should be inetresting.

Jan Wesner said...

You're embarking on a wonderful new adventure! You already know it can be a bumpy ride, so at least you're prepared.
I have to say, my heart sank for you when I read this, though. You are compromising your dream law school. It's a situation we've all been in - giving up our job, giving up our kids' friends, etc.

Reasa said...

You know Jan, Hubby and I were talking about that last night. We are looking at it as a chance to explore and give our Kiddos a better life than what we are having now. I have waited this long for school and will have a full year under my belt before we leave and have all kinds of plans to conitue on with my dreams. They maybe have to be reshaped and reformed but it is worth it to see Hubby walk with pride again and see my Kiddos taken care of.