Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life conitues to spiral out of control around this house. Things are beginning to settle down and school is almos over. I am not getting a 4.0 but something very close. If I pass all of my finals with a min of a high B or an A then I will pull off a pretty decent GPA for my first semester in college. I have enrolled in 12 more credit hours next semster and they are all on line. I have almost all of my books ordered for next semster. I am waiting on the faulcty to finalize the course materials for my Fresh Comp class. I hope to be able to pick them up before Christmas Break. We shall see.

Hubby received word today that his conditional release was approved and he is seeing the recuiter tomorrow to put together his package and set a target date for MEPS.ed over a year ago. I guess someone had the wrong info or a change of heart. I am betting on both. Right before Thanksgiving we were told that his CR was denied since he took a bonus when reenlist We have almost everything. One more thing thing needs to be ordered and that will be done tonight. On such a tight budget we could only get one thing at a time. It has been a very draining process for me. As time has passed by I kept seeing us fall futher behind and no end in sight. Now I have a very guarded sense of relief coming over me. I will be believe this is happening when Hubby is on his way to Meps and then a few short weeks later at his first assigment. Whether it be a school, Blue to Green training or a unit is yet to be seen. We shall see and hopefully that will be in the net week or so.

That is the jist of where we are for now. I have been doing alot of self examination and asking Hubby many questions. It has been another draining proces. Since I have started back to school I have seen many differnt types of people. The divirsty is mind blowing to me. The people who stand out to me are the whiners. The ones who think we have to much homework or wait til the last minute to complete a major project. I have set my mind not to be like them but at the same time I am intrigued by their thought process. How can someone who has seen enough of life be so flipping negative about everything? It boggles the mind.

I must run and pick up two of the Kiddos. I am trying to make a nice dinner so we can celebrate getting the CR today. Plus finish studing for a math test tonight.

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