Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We have been sick. When I say we I mean 5 out of 7 people were sick in a span of 4 days in our home. I think it has stopped but we shall see. I was one of the selcted to be sick and it was just plain sucky to be sick and take care of others when all I wanted was to die. I am proud to say thought that we made it and everyone is back up and running at full speed.

I am on the downside of my first semester in college and am glad it is almost over. Now I know why they give you a month off before the next semester. I am going to need a break and catch up on my reading. I miss reading for fun. It is the one relaxing thing I do that does not involve leaving my home. I am seeing a 3.75 for my first semester only that is only because I screwed up on one of my math test. I am sure I can pull it up and get closer to a 4.o. I am happy. I did not drop anything and I stuck it out without complaning to much. :)Oh and Claire I got an A on the essay you proofed for me. It was spacing and little things that got me. Thanks again. And I am sorry for not letting you know before now.

The trip to MEPs was cancelled this week. Even though we are all in the system already they want to see orginal docs of everything from SS cards to Birth Certificates. We have lost soemthings to a fire, to various moves, and some people just throwing away packets of paper without knowing what is inside of them. Oh well. We are on the hunt for everything and should have papers by the end of this week. And right after Thanksgiving HUbby will be off to MEPS and we might know where we are going.

A few other things have been going on that I am not ready to talk about. I need to work through them and it has brought me down and unwilling to confront what the real problem is. Let's just say I have learned alot about myself and God has torn soemthings down. I am off to go home and take a long hot bath, drink a hot cup of mint tea and relax before bed. It is my only vice I have right now. Plus I am at school acting like I am doing homework but don't want to. :)


kbug said...

Sounds like you guys have alot going on...sick kids, school, your hubby going active duty, etc. I'm glad you're feeling better...and the rest of the bunch, too. This seems to be the time for changes. My job is going through some major changes right now and I'm feeling a bit bewildered. Enjoy your soak and cup of tea...I need a good hot drink right now, but I'm not thinking tea..... :)

Reasa said...

The bath was wonderful and I dropped my cup of tea. I did not have anymore mint tea so I did without. If I were a drinking woman I probaly would have opted for something else. :)