Friday, February 22, 2008

We are getting settled into a routine without having Hubby at home. It is a tad bit easier to deal with it since he is stateside and we have finally started this chapter. I cannot wait to see what will be written next.

Hubby may be able to go back to being a mechanic. He will find out more info on that coem Monday.That is where his heart is and that is where he needs to be.Plus we will find out sooner where we will land.

I am dropping a class. It has been kicking my butt and not worth the C grade,that was the majority of the grade for last semester.I will still have 12 credits so I think I will be okay. I am just tired of stressing over getting it done and having my other classes suffer because I am putting most of my effort into a class that I am getting nothing out of.

I am off ot watch Moonsoon Wedding and then bed. I have been in bed by midnight every night this week and I am loving it.

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