Monday, March 24, 2008

I am tired and worn out. I am ready for bed but know that when I get there I will not sleep much tonight. Hubby has been gone over a month and I can't find my groove. I usually have it by now but not this time. Anyway, I was walking through my gym today when Hubby's favorite band of all time came on. It was a song from the very first CD I ever bought him and caused me to tear up. Now mind you, I had jsut finished sweating my butt off and was walking through a place filled with people being buff and becoming more buff. I hung my head andsniffed back my tears missing HUbby even more for a few minutes. I sent a call to voicemail so I could strain to hear the song and weep a little for the times Hubby was not around to see things.It made for a rough afternoon here in Central Texas.

On to easier topics. Hubby was told Ft Hood was out and it was looking like we may be heading somewhere very cold or a perfect tempture all the time. I am hoping and praying for the second, but we al know how the Army works. Anyday now we will be getting orders adn I will either shouting for joy or crying for the warm weather we have yet to leave.

I am off to work on school work and maybe a warm bath. Hope everyone has a blessed night.

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