Friday, March 28, 2008

I lost two more pounds this week. I am now 217. And I can not believe I am putting myself out ther about my weight. I have been very shy about me as a whole and my appearence is the main thing. I am really liking the workouts and having the ablility to play with the boys and not being out of Trainer who helped to set me up said my face is starting to look "thinner." Talk about an ego boost. I added 180 ab crunches (6 sets of 30) on the ab crunch machine. It is my belly fat that I am wanting to go away fast. Everything else is slowly melting off but not the belly. I added the crunches on Wed and will probaly see a difference in about two weeks. I measured myself this week too. I do not know why I did not do this in the beginning. I am have a long way to go but I am motivated to stick with it (even without a partner) and see my goals. I think I am going to make a smaller goal of being 3 inches down in 2 months. It may not be that long but it is something I know I can achieve.

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