Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's official (as much as it can be) we have orders in hand to Hood. I can't wait to finally move on. I am in a funk right now and need to move on. I don't knowif this little wall will be my downfall this week or not. Let's just say I did not work out for more than an hour today and I am not feeling good. The Kiddos drove me bonkers last night. (Of course I was halfway bonkers) Slepp is not coming and I have a very long drive ahea dof me soon. Oh well, I will suck it up and move forward with each day. Just like a good Army wife.


Butterfly Wife said...

Orders are good, right? I mean, they help make things go forward. Good luck. I am confident you will make the best of wherever you go.

Reasa said...

Ordersare great. As long as they do not get changed at the last minute. Which is possible until we get there. A few more days and we are on the way to see Hubby and bring him home. So may things to do and not enough time. I feel like pulling my hair out.