Friday, May 30, 2008

List Updated 05/30/2008
Ok My list of things has grown and shrunk in a few days. The house is almost packed and we have keys to our new home. We moved our moving date up to this weekend and that is driving me insane. Hubby is on Staff Duty til he deploys and we are not to sure how this is going to work. I am doing ok and so are the Kiddos.

My new To Do List is now this:
1. Write to do list
2.Make appointment for Pooch (of course the clinic was closed for inventory and nt answering phones)
3.Change address with finance companies and cell phone.
4.Make appointment w/cable company (this is a must if I want a phone and my shows back)
5.Finish move in checklist (many things already listed that I do not want to be charged for on move out)
6.Turn off utilities
7.Registar my truck (will do this on Monday or Tues
8.Get UHaul (they did not change our reservation so now it is a waiting game)
9.Load truck (see #8)
10.Drive to Hood (see #8)
11.Unload truck (see #8)
12.Return truck (see #8)

All of this has to be done by Monday. I think I might cry if I think about it to much. I will be offline for a few days. I will see ya when I get to Hood.

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