Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday to Big Man. I can not believe this time seventeen years ago when I was just 17 I was holding my first born. At times I wished I had know then what I do now but then I think about how I would have missed out on my eight year old would hold my hand when we walked down the street and still call me Momy. Or when he was a few weeks shy of 17 he would wrap his arm around me and thank me for finding a good church home for us and telling me he loves me. I love him more than I would have thought I could. He makes me proud to be a Mom and to have the privalage of watching and helping him grow into an awesome young man.

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Renee said...

Sweet girl,

It is it not amazing the blessings we recieve when we follow our heart and not the world. Tell Big Man Happy Happy Birthday for me. I love ya girl

Super Dork