Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am coloring my hair. I hope my hair does not fall out. It is kinda scary but I hope the red shows more than it usually does. It was time for a change and this is the first step. I am thinking about making my hair curly again. The whole thing started because I found two gray hairs. I know it is not alot but jeesh I am not ready to start goin gray. Plus red fits me better. :)


ABW said...

I have about a million gray hairs it seems like. I'd love to go straight and get away from the curls for a while, but I am too scared!

Renee said...

ok girl,

How long have you known me. I have always had gray hair since my accident at 28. Welcome to the club. I have colored mine and love being a red head. You will definitly look hot and sexy. You go for it. Hold your head high and do your thing.