Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday did not feel like Monday and it as a wonderful day. We had friends over and sat outside late into the night talking. Hubby and three women with Kiddos running around. It was fun relaxing and wonderful. Hubby had a glimpse into my life while he is gone and I think he understands a little bit more of the stress we go through while he is deployed. We covered so many topics and he helped us to understand the why of soemthings also. I do know that having him with us girls last night made me know I am going to miss him even more. He is geting up there in rank but I do not want to be the wife who is not friends with someone because of her husband's rank. I like my friends and need them around before, durning, and after a deployment. Even when Hubby first comes home. It makes it easier for all of us if we kinda conitue on with the routine, even sitting outside til late chatting and laughing.

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