Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 As and a B on my test last week. The course that ended, well, let's just say I am at a cossroads and have spoken to the department head and will deicde what to do about it by tomorrow or next week sometime.

The Kiddos are doing well and improving in behavior so I have not a whole lot to complain about. I can honestly say the fog is beginning to lift and I may be able to hold my head high again.

Hubby made me laugh so much tonight. I miss him so much. Being able to hear his voice for as long as I did was a great boost. Yet at the same time I kept thinking to myself that wouldn't it be nice if he was right here next to me teasing me and being the butt he can sometimes be.

For now lie is ok and I can smile and not be faking it. SO I guess the phrase "Fake it til it's true" is for real. It is becoming true and I like that. :)

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