Saturday, December 06, 2008

I am supposed to be getting ready for finals next week. I am trying to take all three in two days. Just so I can have more than 5 days to relax, wrap presents and do things for me before the Kiddos start Christmas Break. I have swapped rooms around, went grocery shopping, emailed Hubby, talked with a good friend on the phone, and done laundry. Everything but the actual studying, and the finals are being given on Monday and Tues. I may have lost my mind.

I have a few thoughts I want to put down but need to go back to the books. Break time, HA, is over. I hope I do not lose these thoughts. Oh who am I kidding?? I know I will and it will come to me when I should be sleeping or cleaning house. Just another reason then to stop what I am doing and blog. :)

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