Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Having Hubby home has been awesome. I am worn out though. I stay home more when he is gone but running errands with the man is awesome. Tomorrow we are heading out, even with ice, to have a night at a bed n breakfast in east Texas. I am excited and ready to be just me.

It is flipping cold. Hubby's truck's rear view mirror tells the temp. well at noon today it was ICE and 36 degrees. It has done nothing but get colder since. We are still leaving tomorrow though. We need a break and will be taking. After we get back form our night away we will be heading to my Dad's house for a few days. It will be our third Christmas and I am glad it is the last. I am tired of Christmas and wrapping presents. We bout the kids a family present that we are trying to wrap up and let each one open. My Dad bought them a TV to replace the one they use to watch TV. I hope they will be happy. I am off to pack and do laundry and shower. I still have classes tomorrow so it will be a long week for me.

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