Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today I am learning to wait. I am not very good at waiting, for anyone or anything. I know God has a lesson for me to learn, but I am not doing to well with it. I so want to be cut in half and in two places at one time. My Mom is in Vegas going to find out what treatment plan her doc suggest and my wonderful, loving Sweetness is in surgery as I type this. I am sitting her done reading penal code, working on homework and texting my friends and family and also Sweetness' friends.

I so wanted Hubby to be here for this but we are officially at the end of this latest deployment. He will be home in single digit weeks and soon it will be single digit days, then hours. I can't help but wonderful what the heck else can happen in the next few weeks. This is spring break and I am not feeling it in the least. I am ready to crawl into bed and relax and sleep, at least til Hubby gets home. I am done being the go to person and having to have all the answers for to many people i do not feel I need to be talking to at this point in my life. I am done is all I can say. (Don't worry tomorrow I will be alright, the big girl panties will be pulled up)

I am off to reread my answers to my homework and think about submitting them. Maybe I will be inspired to write more into the answers and not jsut the bare minimum.

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kbug said...

I feel for you having to handle everything while your hubby is deployed...it's not easy without all the extra stuff. My daughter-in-law has had to handle all kinds of things with their new little boy since he was born. Everything has worked out okay, but it didn't make it any easier at the time. It sounds like your hubby will be back at the Hood about the same time Seth gets back...single digit weeks for us, too...I wonder if they're attached to the same group..... :) Hang tough, girl.