Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does anyone know how hard it is to talk about a DNR, Durable Power of Attorney and a Living Will with a parent is? It is beyond hard. To talk about it and make your parent know that you are doing it to make things easier on both of you if something were to happen and that you do not think that a bad thing will happen, is about like going to hell and back. Nana and I had to talk about that and it was hard. I tried to add my own brand of humor to it but it did not work to well. Nana knew what I was trying to do and was grateful that I even brought it up. She has been thinking along the same lines.

I am thinking about weeding things out of my life so I can focus on my family and my Nana. Since the second announcement of cancer has been surreal. It is crazy and hard. Nana is an amazing woman who is looking at this as another fight to battle for God and will do what she has to because God is not done with her yet. I am proud to be her daughter and honored she is here with us.

The Kiddos are dealing with it well I believe. They are my second biggest concern. I am worried about how it will work as Nana gets her treatment and how they will respond if she gets sick with the drugs. It is a crazy roller coaster I have hopped on. I am glad to do it though. My Nana deserves to be taken care of instead of taking care of others. I am off to bed now that I have purged my mind for the night.

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