Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I am another year older. I am going to try and make the best of this one. Last year Hubby left on my birthday to marry up with the unit he is now with. It was a horrible day last year. This year I went out for the best BBcue and then some retail therapy. I am trying to stay postive. Just so many personal things going on that I am almost ready to scream leave me alone and let me live my life. ut of course me being the good girl I am will not do that.
I think I have figured out why my hair is coming out more so than usual. It is the stress of everything going on. I had a perm done a week ago and I am still pulling out hair. It is kinda gross. But then I thought of my life for the last few monthes and realized that it is all stress. And probly becasue I did not have it trimmed in so long. Who knows. At least I am not gray. Happy
I am going to enjoy this blog. It is really good to get somethings out and once I figure out how to add links and customize my page I will be doing that. I am not going to stress it till I get to Texas.
I am off to chat with the Hubby. Hopefully his power will stay up long enough to make it a good one.

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