Monday, January 23, 2006

Well Hubby and I had a blow out this morning. It was over something stupid really. After being apart for so long everything is stupid I guess. Long story short after about 10 minutes of going back and forth a truce was called and nothing decided. It is weird having a fight online. It is so much easier to take something the wrong way. Oh Well!!! All is well for now. We are going to make real efforts when Hubby is home. To hard to do with about 12000 miles between us and a couple of bodies of water. :)

Yesterday was good. I got to have Panda Express for my Birthday lunch and went window shopping. The kids sang Happy Birthday to me on my voicemail because my phone dropped the call. They all had a blast with the Nana. The Nana was worried about the Bully. He is just 2 years old. He had no problems without me all night. I know as long as he is with the 3 older Kiddos he is all good.

We call the 2 year old many names but Bully does not sound so mean. We call him things like this because he looks and acts like one. He is mean and will shove you around and beat you till he gets what he wants. He also is my DareDevil. He will climb up the stairs to go down head first on his belly. He has no fear of anything. I am hoping that he will out grow this. But my heart tells me NOT!!!! He is going to be like this for life. It could be a good thing. I pray I have enough energy to deal with it and help him to learn how to use it the right way.

We are down to about 7 more weeks till Hubby is home. This week is the last week for mail. He is not sure of the day so he asked I not send him anything. I did not get his VDay Card out so he gets it when he gets home in March.

I am off to take a shower. I just finished the garage. I have it all completely packed now and pretty much staged to go. Tomorrow two friends and I will finish off the inside of the house and I am done. I already have the paper cups and plates all I need now are the plasticware. Saturday is the day of the movers and I can't wait. It will be so much fun and an adventure for the kiddos and I.

Anyhoo before I ramble so more I am off to the shower so I can be clean.

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