Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ohhhhhhhh my goodness!!!!!!!!! I am hurting!!!!!!!! The joys of packing. A few guys at church last night were cracking jokes and such about the way I was walking. My legs are so sore. I am almost done though. I did get the stereo packed away and in boxes to take with me. That is one thing I will not allow the movers to take. Hubby would have a heart attack if something happened to it. I also got most of the kitchen done with the helpof friends. Today was supposed to be laundry day and packing the suitcase. I have skipped that and will do that this afternoon. I needed to rest.

Buddy Lee my 5 year old was able to stay at our friend's house last night. He wanted to spend some time with Aunt B. He loves them so much. Tonight the Sweetness will b e going over for one more last night with her Aunt B. The kids are doing great. But I am beginning to wonder if they will start to show how hard this move really is on them once we get away. I know I am having a very hard time with it now. Even with it being a few days out I am starting to see how many people I have in my life already who love me and will miss me and the Kiddos.

I still know I am doing the right thing. It was easy to make friends here it will be easy to make friends in Texas. No matter what goes through my mind and how freaked out I get to be driving the truck across country with no return date I still can sleep better at night and know that this is the right hting for us. Not everyone knows what is going on in our lives 100% but us so they can not say a thing about us taking off.

I have to go and feed the Baby. He just woke up from a nap and is wanting to nurse. Then I will move on with my mission and accomplish what I need to today. So tomorrow morning I can clean up and spend Friday getting the truck ready to hit the road.

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