Monday, January 30, 2006

Well we are on the road. I am exhuasted and so worn out. The mover was a couple of hours late. Then they show up and it is one guy. Yes one guy. Then it was with a very small truck. I know I told them it was a two bedroom townhouse with a two car garage. Oh well. I had to leave alot and was not to happy about it. I am not going to say anything til I have my stuff. I do not want them to hold anything hostage. I do want what we were able to take with us. Oh well. I wanted a new start and I am getting it.

The kiddos are doing pretty good consdering what has happened in the last few days. Bulley was very clinging. He knew something was going on and would not let go of me at all. TheBaby was pretty good. Sweets was a great help. Bubby Lee my 5 year old was the same. Just ready to be in our new home. Big Man was awesome. He helped the mover get our things on thr truck and did not complain. He tore things down and carried huge heavy things around. He made me proud.

This is all for tonight. Bulley is ready for bed as am I. I am off hope to post some more soon.

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