Friday, February 17, 2006

Ok so my internet went down while I was chatting with Jerry. Trying to deal with the fact that he is not coming home when they said. it is only a couple of day delay but not when they said. And I could not get back to him. So I go out to the truck load up Jacob and Scooby and get the rest of what we need to run errands and have a fun time. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLll the truck did not start. ARGH!!!!!!!! I tried to jump it nothing happens. SO I take it out and haul it down to the parts store with my neighbor who is trying to make me laugh and relax. (Did not work.) They test it and it is deader than a nail. So he tells me what I can get and of course I need the most expensive one because I have a large truck and do not want to take the chance of being stranded somewhere. So I get it and while I am waitng to pay some flipping jerk walks up with a creepy smile and says "Hay beautiful. You working on a car? Mine could use some help." GROSSED me out. I tried to ignore him but put up my hand with the wedding ring and said yeah I am working on my truck. And no I wil not go near your car. Anyway back on track. I get home install the new battery and guess what!!! It did not turn over. Never mind that I still had errands to run and groceries to buy. SO my neighbor tells me to g sit order a pizza for us and when she gets back she will take me to the store at least so I can have food when the cold front moves in. Well something makes me go try the truck ONE more time. It STARTS!!!!! I can go do what I need to. Oh WAIT!! I can't, the Cable Guy is coming. Since I still had no internet. Well the kids get home and are hungry and i have no snack food because I could not make it to the store. They scavanged and made do with what they could find. Cable Guy shows up and unhooks everything(like I did 5 time today) puts each and every line into a tester he has plugs it back in and guess what IT WORKED!!!!! He said it was on the whole time. NO it wasn't I said because it was not allowing me online and yadda yadda yadda. Anyway the whole day revolved around things being broken and then all the sudden not broken.

Well that was Wensday. Yesterday I went to the store and picke up some flowers for a wedding and then to the grocery store. I got into the truck had everything loaded and the truck did not start. So I was towed home by a know it all driver and had it dropped off at home. I called around and found someone to come pick it up and take it to a good mechanic. It is not going to cost me near as much as I thought to get it fixed. And the best part is that I will have it back today. I am so happy.

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