Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well the unit isn't coming back when they said. It is being put off by a couple of days. You say what is a couple of days? It is an entirety after almost 21 months of deployment. This is really sucky. (Is that even a word?) Anyway I am dealing with that and the fact my kiddos are coming to the end of their ropes. As am I. Sweets had two breakdowns in 12 hours. They were huge. She cried for about half and hour with each one. I figured that it might have something to do with the fact that she is now in a school where most of the kids have two parent households and she hears about what dads are doing with kids in her class. Of course I could be wrong and she just needed to let the flood gates open.

I still hate being around couples. You would think I would be used to it by now. Guess what??!! I am not. I am so tired of looking at people talking, laughing, holding hands and yes even fighting with each other. I want that back. I do not want to have to share the Hubby with anyone. But I will because every one wants a piece of him. Plus if I don't then I am selfish and do not play well with others. OH WELL!!!! You put the love of your life on a plane for 20+ month's and tell me how you would feel who time came close for him to be home and you are closer to where they were supposed to be but they changed it to be across the flipping country. Ok I feel better now that I have gotten that out.

Hubby and I have been talking a lot about being a couple again and a family again. I am praying for a smooth transition. It will take a few month's if not a year before we can be completely comfy with each other again. I hope we handle the changes in each of us well. I hope he will still love the new improved loud mouthed me. I am not that loud mouthed but can be when the need arises.

Church is great. The Kiddos love it. The Pastor and his wife have accepted us as family already. We kick it with them and we all know we can count on each other.

I am off to bed and some shut eye. I am exhausted but glad to be this tired. I am not stressed but just worn out from having a good busy day. I tried for the nap today but that did not happen.

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