Thursday, February 09, 2006

We now have less than 20 days if we are lucky before Hubby starts his way home to us. He will be delayed after being dismissed to see his family back West. It does not feel right for me to say back home. Since we have arrived in Texas it has felt more like home. It is hard to explain why but it is.
The reason Hubby is stopping to see family is that his Sister has MS and is recovering from a bad set back and Hubby wants to see her for himself. He is also stopping to see his Mom and Dad. He is spending a day with each one. And then he is all ours. Not everyone understands that we need time alone to get to know each and for the Kiddos to learn their Dad again.
Hubby and I have talked a lot about what is expected from each other when he gets home. I can't really expect anything from him until he settles into the World again. He has been military for so long that he will need some readjusting. I have been on my own for so long it will take awhile before I feel comfortable with another adult in the house.
Church is great. The kids love it and I am happy there. The Pastor and his family have adopted us right off. It is still hard to go from a huge church to a pioneer work. We are still busy but not so busy that I feel my head spinning.
I am off to hit the Wally World for more groceries.

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