Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well we are getting settled in. Today is the second day of school for the Kiddos. Big Man is liking this school as well as his old one. The only thing he misses he said is being able to pick his own projects. Sweetness is doingok. She did not say to much about it. She does like her teacher. Buddy Lee was worn out. The all day thing is going to kick his butt. He rides the bus with the big kiddos and loves it. He does come home about 20 minutes before the other two because he gets out 30 minutes earlier. So so far it is a sucess on the school front.
I did my first Walk Away the Pounds today. It was the Walk Kick one. It kicked my butt. I feel good though. Hopefully it will help my but and stomache area tone down. I think next week I will get a scale to track my weight los. I have only guessed at how much I have lost so far. I just know that I am down from an 166/18 size to anything between 8 and 12. It depends on the cut and their sizing guide. Even my feet have gotten smaller. They went down a half size. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!
I am off to take care of the Baby. He has a horrible cold and is extremly fussy. I wander if Iw ill get anything done today besides cuddle with him and the Bulley.

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