Monday, March 06, 2006

Here is a picture of the Bully snoozing on the couch. I do wish he would sleep when The baby sleeps. It would make my life so much easier. Oh well.
Ok we are one day closer to Hubby coming home. He called this morning to say that so far nothing has changed since the last update. That is enough to make my day. We talked some about Big Man's educational issues and the help he will now be getting from our new school district. We also talked about how soon to expect him home. And since he has no clear date yet as to when he will be released all he can tell meis sometime by the end of the month. Not really what I wanted to hear. Oh well. He is still coming home.
I do not have the heart to tell the kiddos that Dad wil be home sometime this month just don't know when. It is a god thing he told them. It would have been to hard on me and them for me to give them one more piece of bad news. I am still not excited for The Hubby to be coming home. It has been so long that I am more anxious about how things will flow for us as a couple. Other than that I am still ready to be a wife HIS wife and a mom. Not just a Mom and Dad. I guess I am not going to fret to much over it. What will happen will happen. We have decided to make things work and once that decision was made then the rest has fallen into place. The only thing missing is the Hubby to make the rest of this work right.

I am off to shower and get ready for revivial. We have to drive about 1/2 an hour but it is so worth it.

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