Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well the day is still not here. Hubby is still sitting in the Stan waiting on the AF to get him outta there. Days keep changing and times are always everchanging. I will be excited when he calls to say he is on his way to Texas. No where else.
I feel more sick to my stomach than anything else. I want my Hubby home and to be His Wife again but that wil have to wait. I am still so scared and anxious about how we will work together. It seems no one but the people who have done this will ever understand. It takes more than a few days to find that right groove again. Plus add a stressful marriage, no job and reunion in a whole new state. It makes it a big scary thing to think about. So guess what I do. I DON NOT think about it. I do not want the acid reflux or the hair falling out again. I like eating what I want when I want and I like that my hair stays on my head.
The Kiddos are getting excited for Hubby to be home. Big MAn smiled about it for the first time the other day after he got off the phone with his Dad. It was cool to see. Sweetness was jumping up and down when told Dad would be leaving the Stan soon. The 3 smaller ones really don't care I think. They will be once Dad gets here.
I am off to try and get some more housework done. Then I will take a nap. The Baby is napping and Bully will be napping soon. Have a good day.

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