Saturday, March 11, 2006

I am kinda bummed tonight. I missed two phone calls from Hubby and missed him online last night. I have not heard from him today. I know he is well just missing seeing him.

As homecoming and reunion come closer I do not know what to expect from him or me. I know we have talked about it and all and set up some very basic guidelines but GOSH it is still feeling like I am having a stranger move in. Will the kiddos take to him again? Will we get along? Will we fight? It is always going through my head. Somedays I can make it stop and somedays I can't make it stop. I do love him and the essesnce of him has not changed. Will that be enough to hold us together? I pray that it does.

The Kiddos spent all day at someone else's house. I do not mind but it was kinda lonely around here. My neighbor came over and we chatted for a few. I will be so happy to have the Hubby home very soon. Oh well. I am off to see if I can get the kiddos to bed at a decent time tonight.

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