Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hubby is STATESIDE!!!!! I am so happy. Now I can be excited. It is still a cautious excitement but an excitement none the less. He will be in demobbing for a few days and then to Reno and then to Vegas and finally on his way here. The first time he called me I had to call back to make sure it was him and I was not dreaming. It was a wonderful call to get at 2 am. LOL

The Kiddos are happy. The Bully still thinks Daddy is at work and the rest love the fact they can call him when they want to. Buddy Lee is so excited to have his daddy back. He loves him so much. These last few months have been rough on him. The rest of the kiddos are just as excited. I am glad they are looking forward to having him home.

As for me and homecoming it is still a big ole bag of mixed feelings. I am excited and ready but I am still leary of what will go on with us as a couple. With the family and relationship issues I know we will have problems and all but oh well. I am looking for the best and not the worst. Sometimes old insercuities will pop up and I will have to squelsh them down. It is easier somedays and somedays it is really hard.

I am off to clean house and take the kiddos to the library.

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