Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hubby is home. Finally home. 4 days shy of 20 months is over. I am still learning to live with my Hero and having him around. The 4 oldest Kiddos are doing just fine with Daddy home. The Baby is just now starting to hang with Dad. But if Mom is around I am first pick. I watched the Baby go to someone else after Daddy tried taking him and saw the little amount of hurt in my Hubby's eyes. My heart broke for him. I know he knows to expect things like this to happen but it is stil hard to watch and see. The Baby will go and play with Dad and he is fine with him as long as I am not in the room.

As for me I am loving the fact that I have someone close to me at night and I do not have to have my cell on 24/7. I am not looking for the type of car parked in front of my house when someone shows up and I am sleeping again. I know that the hardest part is still to come but I look forward to relearning my Husband and knowing that we made it through 20 monthes separted and all kinds of other crap makes the adjustment sweet.

The picture is from the first night Hubby is home.

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