Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am so tired. So tired that I can not sleep. I am acting os if deployment has started and not just ended. I am still waiting on Hubby to return to us. I am so flipping jealous that everyone else gets to se him first and hug and touchhim. I am the WIFE. No one else is. Even through all the crap that I am still trying to get over I was the only one who either IMed, wrote letters to or mailed packages off at a regular rate. But everyone else has to claim they know the returning Hero. Fine I aknowledge you knowhim but did you have to do all I did in the last 20 monthes alone. Put up with crap from people and such??? NO they did not.

I am done whining. The weather has me down. It is thrundering and lighting and I would love to just curl up in bed with my Hubby and sleep. Actuelly I would love to just sleep for more than 4 hours a night.

I am done writing for the night. If I keep going I will spew more negative crap and be cranky. I am going to try a cup of hot tea and a hot bath. Hopefully that will relax me enough to sleep about 5 hours tonight.

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