Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today Hubby is officially doen with the active duty. I missed the Welcome Hoome Ceramony but his dad took a video of it for me. At least I will get to see that. I did get to hear Hubby say his oath for his reenlistment yesterday. It is for 6 years and the last one he will take. Thank goodness!!!

I am getting extremly nervous. I want Hubby hoem and I want life to move on. How do I knwo that things have changed from the past? I don't. I have to go on his word and to be honest his word is really crap to me now. I have no clue what to think or do. I am not rushing around trying to clean my house from top to bottom before he gets here. I have 5 Kiddos living here with me. I will make sure all laundry is put awway and the bathrooms and floors are clean. I think that will be all I will worry about. Other things are really more important to me. We will see.

Hubby is spending the next few days in Vegas with his family. His mother talked to 2 out of 5 Kiddos tonight. Sweetness was in tears because her "Nana" wanted to talk to her and would not give her dad back his phone. Then they lost signal. She cried all the way home tonight. It broke my heart. She is sleeping on the floor in my room. I would let her sleep with me but she wiggles way to much for that. I am going to do her hair up pretty tomorrow for church and hopefully that wil make her feel better. We will see.

If all goes well in about 4 or 5 days Hubby will be here. I don't know if I will be posting again before then or what. When the mood strikes I will let it rip. LOL

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