Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So you would think I would learn never to trust what the military syas the first time around or even the second. HUH?? I thought I would. Hubby called me today to say yes he is in a tent and that he was officially pushed BACKED not up but BACK 2 days. Oh well. I have not told the Kiddos this yet. I am afraid to. They are holding it together pretty good this week so I am keeping my mouth shut.

I did turn Jerry's cell back on today. They could not do it post date it to turn on for next week. I would still have to pay for the whole month no matter what. So I went ahead and had them turn it on today so I do not have to worry about it. That is one step closer for me. For Hubby it was the moving into the tent that made coming home real for him this week.

I have spoken with one of BigMan's teachers and she was great. She wants to stay in contact with me and even gave me her home number. I am really impressed with her so far. We chatted for about 15 minutes today and she sees the same things I do in regards to Big Man's learning abilities. I feel validated now. I was beginning to fear that I was being the over protective mother with the old school district we lived in. I am very content so far with this school system here.

I am off to find out where the locksmith is so hopefully I can make it to church tonight. Either way I am headed out to get groceries no matter what time he gets here.

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