Sunday, February 26, 2006

We are getting closer to Hubby coming home. We actually have a day he is SUPPOSED to be leaving the Stan. I will believe it when he calls me from the states. I am so excited to be done. I am also not having as many fears about becoming a couple once again. I have made some really good friends since moving here to WAco and they are totally supportive in helping to give Hubby and i time alone and helping out with the Kiddos.

The Kiddos are ready to have a Dad again. All of them are asking when does Dad get home? It is good to see them laugh more as we come to an end with htis deployment.

I am of to finish getting ready for church. I get dogged out if I am late for anything. It is all in good fun and if they did not say anything then I would think they did not love me. LOL It is great to have friends who will make you laugh at yourself and tease you like you are part of their family. Because in reality they have become my family. I am so thankful GOd has sent me here and put me in this church.

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