Friday, February 24, 2006

We are creeping closer to the day Hubby begins his long awaited trip home. I am so excited. We were chatting today about him coming home after been gone for so long and agreed on something to do. And that was just love each other and act like newlyweds. I am really looking forward to that. I really miss having a Man to cook for. Yeah it is nice to cook for the kids and family and friends but to have MY MAN eating what I fixed for him is a whole other thing.

Tomorrow at school Sweetnes and Buddy Lee have Soldier Day I guess you can call it. It is where the Soldiers from a close base come in and thank all the kids for their letters and suppsquaredeetness asked me to be there for her. I am thinking she will not be able to handle it to well. She is so missing her Daddy. Buddy Lee will be fine I think as long as he does not see his sister freak out. Who knows what will happen. I am praying all will be well and I jsut get to spend sometime with the kids at school and learn a little more about what goes on out there. Buddy Lee has been close to breaking down. He sees his good friend PK3 (Preacher's Kid #3) playing with his Dad a lot and that is when he is sad. He does ok til he sees them together. Even though Pastor does play with him too the same way his Daddy would. It is just not the same for him. I can so relate to that. Big Man brought home his report card today. It was not not that bad. He did a lot better than I thought he would. He is pulling As where I did not think he would and Ds and Fs where I thought he would. That is ok. He is getting settled in and learning the ropes out there in a real Jr High. I am proud of the way he has stepped up and made that choice to enjoy his new school and hometown.

I am beginning to lose sleep again thinking of all the things I should be doing getting ready for Hubby to come home. I do not want to start to early but I want to make sure things are done. I hear everyone saying that Hubby will not care what the house looks like just that he is home. I know my Hubby better than that. I am also wanting to show him my love and all for him by keeping a clean house and keeping my home in order. It is kinda hard to describe but that is the best way that I can think of. I jsut want him to know I have done all of this to contribute to us having a better more productive life together. Man this has been along time coming. I am glad we will still have that chance to make things work and to really give it a shot this time. I can already tell difference's how I look at him and how I speak with him. It could also be my imagination playing tricks on me but who knows.

I am off to bed. It is after midnight here and I am slowing down. I am not even sure if I am spelling words correctly. Thank God for spellcheck. :)

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