Thursday, April 13, 2006

I miss Hubby. He went back to work yesterday and loves it. He is back in pest control for now and passed his written and physical for the local police department. He is so excited. I like having y days back to myself but I so miss the time Hubby and I had together. It really helped our relationship and brought us back together again.

Sunday night at church it was about marriage. I was shown some mistakes I have made. Hubby said he had seen some things he had done that was not right. We sat up for most of the night and just chatted about a few things and decided again to link hearts and put God first in our lives and know that with God nothing will tear us apart once again. This is such a change from a few weeks ago. I am no longer worried about what he does while we are apart or where he is at. I once heard a Pastor say that in a good marriage the man feels like a king who can do all and the woman feels like a queen above all else. That is so true.

We also talked about how this deployment will always been in our minds when we do something or a special day rolls around. The one day I do not look forward to is the one year ann. of his unit losing 5 wonderful men who were husbands and fathers. Sons and brothers. I still cry when I think about them and what they were forced to leave behind. Then the God part kicks in and says "There is a time for everything." So true. God's plan and purpose is so much better than anything we can do ourselves.

I am off to do some housework and enjoy my quiet time. Have a blessed day.

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