Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well Hubby is liking the routine of work and I like haing my house back for a few hours a day. Life is good. I can't wait to get real paychecks again. It is also a bonus because Hubby is paid weekly. No more two week crap.

The Kiddos are doing great wiht their Daddy. Baby is learning that his daddy is awesome and good to have around. The Bully acts as if Daddy never left. It is a good thing Bully does not see Daddy leave for work. I am just glad it is not in a DCU or ACU uniform he has to leave in. Buddy Lee loves having Daddy home. SOmeone to play rough with and have a good time. Sweetness is in heaven. She loves her Daddy so much. Big MAn was the one I was worried about. But he is also doing fine. He loves the fact Hubby is going to church and I think he has a new respect for his Daddy.

As for the fate of Hubby and me. It is a good one. We are working on things and being better people with each other. I so hate the fact that we treated each other like we did but am so glad that we had this chance to be away from each other to learn what we needed and wanted. We are still in the process of learning to live together and love each other they way we need. When you see how bad off you could really be and what you may loose makes life so much more precious. I would not trade this deployment just for that one hard lesson we have learned.

Church is great. We are having revivial this week and then an area wide rally on MOnday night. We are looking forward to it but not being tired. I am off to finish dinner and get the kiddos ready to eat.

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