Monday, January 01, 2007


We had a wonderful time yesterday. I am so glad to have the chance to share a New Year celebration with Hubby again. He was glad to be home and we looked to the future instead of reflecting on the past. I know most people look back at the last year but for us it was not all to good. The best thing to happen to us was Hubby coming home and us as a couple making things work. The rest was very unremarkable and very stressful. Moving to Texas on my own and not sure how things would go when Hubby got home made life really weird.

Hubby has always been a very positive person. Despite being raised with a very negative mother. It is one of the things I love most about him. He makes me see things in a brighter light and does not see the bad in our lives lasting very long. As for me sometimes I can only see dark and the bad lasting for a very long time. In someways I am not as bad as I used to be.

As for New Year's Resolutions I made none. I decided that I will make life changing Promises to myself and my Hubby. You see I really think that resolutions are only for trying because I have never stuck to one but I have stuck to promises. My life changing promises for 2007 are to smile more laugh more and look to the positive of everything. Not much but for someone who has not been this way most of their lives it will be a challenge for me.

We saw the New Year in at church last night. Very good preaching was going on and a positive tone was set for success in our walk with God. Hubby and Kiddos are ready for a better year.

We have irons in the fire to buy our first house this year through a first time home buyers program here in Waco. Beautiful houses they are building and very affordable. They keep the payments low and all inclusive. We I say all inclusive I mean principle, interest, insurance and taxes around 600 to 700 a month. Not much more than what we are paying now for a house that is over a 100 years old and falling apart.

Hubby is also waiting to hear from some very good companies about work. He is ready for a career and to be compensated for his true worth as a hard competent worker. He deserves it and we need the good income. I am done working in June or July and going back to school in Aug when the Kiddos do too. I am leaning towards Law or Business. We will see where I go and what God has planned for me. Of course it could come down to me not going back to school but starting my own business. We will see.

I am off to get ready for work. I was offered a permanent position at Sears because someone quit. Six hours is all most of us are getting this week and she could not justify starting up her truck. I can't either but some income is better than none right now. Plus it will pay for my hair to be braided. It needs it and I am done with chemicals in the hair for a long while.

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