Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So as I switched to the New Blogger I am looking around. Let's just say I am sucking at posting since Hubby got home. I am busy with him and our family and everyday life. Life has taken a turn here. In some ways for the better in other ways for the worse. I am currently employed for the holiday season to help around here with money and am looking for something else. I have a second interview with a bridal store sometime this week. I am hoping to get that job. I would enjoy it and Sweetness would be in heaven to have me working there. She would be having me describing every dress in the place on a daily basis.

As a wife I am confused. Somethings have been moving along smoothly since Hubby got home. Other areas not so. I am wondering what the heck I can do to help or just not make matters worse for wear. I love Hubby with my all but somethings are starting to show up in life that I am not to sure about. I do not feel as if I can bring them up. If I try I am according to others asking for to much and imagining things. Oh life needs to go away and come back some other day.

OK I am done whining. Hubby is still serving God and that is enough to make me rejoice and know that this weirdness will go away.

The Kiddos are all on Christmas Break and having a blast. We had a slumber gun on Mon night and the Kiddos had a great Christmas. No pictures were taken because Hubby is home. I need to get the thing out and update my pics. They have all grown so much. Bully finally wears a larger size than the Baby and Sweetness is close to wearing Jr's clothes. Big Man had to get a 32 long pants. Hubby was dismayed that Big Man wears the same size in length. A sad shopping season for me in clothes. It is because as the Kiddos get older they get larger and as they get larger the less they need me. And it is closer to when they will be moving out. (Not really a bad thing.)

I am off to get ready for my date tonight with Hubby. All 5 kiddos have somewhere to go and we have somewhere to go. Time we had a chance to do that. God Bless

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Army Wife said...

reintergration at best is awkward...

it feels confusing at some point to all of us...