Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hubby is back from SRP. He has a few weeks before he is activated. So that means we can plan our trip to Vegas and not have the MIL visit us. When we are there we are talking about having a set day for each family or friend so we do not have to be running around and acting like we have nothing to do but be there for some people. I am not looking forward to the drive but I am looking forward to seeing my Mom and friends.

We still have no idea what unit Hubby will be with or exactly when he will be heading out. I hate not knowing anything. I can only pray we will have the Internet like we did last year. It is hard to believe we are getting ready to do this whole deployment again so soon.

Hubby asked me not to be sad about him being gone til he is gone. I am trying but sometimes when I think about another year + alone I have a heart stopping moment and come close to having a panic attack. Thank God for prayer. If I did not have God I would be a basket case I believe.

I am also starting to plan trips to see Hubby with the Kiddos wherever he is mobbing out of. I have heard a couple of places so I need to do research and learn some more.

I am off to cook dinner and research. Maybe I will learn something new. LOL

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