Friday, March 02, 2007

I sit here alone for a few minutes. Hubby took 3 of the kiddos to the park, one is sleeping and the oldest is still at school. I am enjoying it but it is bittersweet. I did get some heart stopping news today. The MIL might be heading this way if we can not go out there before the Hubby leaves. OH my gosh!!! I have never did anything right in her eyes and I don't think I ever will. A visit from her is not what I need at this point in my life. At least if we visit we can leave or at least I can. This is the same woman who did not have anything to do with us while he was gone. I will try not to worry about that til I know if he is going to have time for anything. It may work out that he will not have time to even have her come out at all.

The kiddos still have not talked to much about what has gone on and I am not pressing them about it either. They seem to be doing ok but I have a feeling that will change after he leaves next week for a few days.

I am looking forward to paying off debt and knowing Hubby has a job when he gets home. We did not have that peace of mind the last time so it will be great this time.I am still working and will quit as soon as we have set dates. (or as set as they will be til he is gone)Everyone at work has been great about it and helpful. I will slap someone the next time they call to ask me how I am doing. How the flip do you think I am doing. I have almost no notice to deal with the fact Hubby is leaving and everything else that has to do with it. How the heck do you think I am doing????????

Anyway, I am off to shower and go to work. Maybe tonight I will not feel so scattered. And maybe no one will as me how I am doing. We will see.


Jan Wesner said...

Well, I promise not to ask!
As for the MIL, I love mine dearly but she acts like her son leaving is the most devastating thing to HER. Hello?!?!? He hasn't lived with her for 22 years, but he has been married to me for the past 16!!!
Anyway, I'll keep in touch.

nationalguardwife said...

Thanks for not asking. Only one called and asked me today so it was a good day for that. LOL I know what you mean about the MIL, hopefully they will get over it and learn life is not ending when a deployment happens.