Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So the Bully is trying to potty train. He will us the toilet once a day and that is all. Once a day is an 100% improvement over what he was doing a couple of weeks ago. We do the shake the booty when he does do it. What a sight to see. The Bully with his butt naked and shaking as he turns in circles. I am going to have to try and get a picture of that for y'all.

The rest of the kiddos are fine. Spring break is driving everyone nuts. It rained yesterday and the night before all night long. It has been to muddy to take the kiddos to the park and let them run. OY!!!!!! And we still have 5 and a half days to go.

I am still feeling outta sorts. Dates have been changing and we want to head to Vegas to see family before Hubby deploys. Hopefully we will still be able to do it. His civilian job is making go back to work right away after this home station AT. It is crazy hours and he is exhausted. Hubby does not get home til after 6 pm every evening. It is just crazy. Because of his hours and my hours we have not had much time together just to cuddle up on the couch and chat or just be together. It is making it hard on me. I want as much time as the day allows with my Hero and the love of my life but we have not had a chance to sit and just talk about how to do things this deployment. We have little talks here and there but nothing face to face. The only time we talk is on the phone.

I am off to get the rest of dinner set up to cook and finish up some laundry. The new washer and dryer rock. Kenmore is an awesome brand. I love the fact that I can dry a load in the same amount of time it takes to wash a load. It makes laundry fun again. I can do four loads of laundry in the time it used to do 2. What a wonderful life!!!

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