Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So much has gone through my mind these last few days. I am afraid I have taken out my frustration on my wonderful Hubby. He has enough on his plate without me adding to it. And then I read this today It made alot of things seem very trivial. I want a goodbye like that even though we go through it each time with heads high I am afraid one of us will break down and lose it. I know I have to be strong for the Kiddos and Hubby. He and they deserve nothing else but that from me. I can lose it later. Hubby will have other important things on his mind without worrying about us. And well the Kiddos will do what they will. Each time they do something different. Never the same with them.

I am already dreading the goodbye. Even when he left for one night it was hard. The next time will not be easy by no means. But it will only be for a short time. Yes I am crazy for thinking that 15 or so months is short but they will fly by. Hubby will be close enough for a couple of trips to see him for a long weekend and then once he is in the air flying across that huge blue pond time will start to fly.

How do you close this out? Well I will do it by saying time to make dinner and get ready for Bible Study. I am going to be talking alot more about my faith while Hubby is gone so if you don't like it be forewarned I will still talk about God and my faith.

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